Did you create a few amazing pieces of art with Midjourney — but not sure how to share it with others?

In this article, you will learn exactly how to find your Midjourney Gallery link so that you can share all your AI-generated images with others!

Quick Answer: How to share your Midjourney Gallery

1. To share your Midjourney Gallery, start by copying your own Discord User ID (make sure Developers Mode is enabled). Simply right-click your name inside Discord and press 'Copy User ID'. Then edit this URL here based on that:

https://legacy.midjourney.com/app/users/[Copied Discord User ID]

2. Visit that URL in your browser. Make sure that you're logged in again with your Discord account that is connected to Midjourney.

3. Now copy the last part of the URL you've landed on (it should have redirected you to a new URL with a random string of characters after '/users/').

4. Then edit this URL here based on that:

https://www.midjourney.com/explore?user_id=[the string from the redirected URL]

Let's go more in-depth now for more information about these steps and a few more good-to-know things.

How to Share Your Midjourney Gallery With Others

How to share your Midjourney Gallery (your profile)

As you might know, Midjourney is an open community — this allows others to use and remix your images and prompts.

By default, your images are publicly viewable and remixable.

For some, this is a tough pill to swallow, and they will do everything that it takes to keep their Midjourney images and profile private.

However, some might see this as an opportunity to either build up a following or simply share their creations with their friends or family!

Here's how to find your Midjourney Gallery link:

How to find your Midjourney Gallery link (Updated for Midjourney v6)

Since Midjourney is updating its website (so that people can create images via there as well, and not just via Discord), the method to find your Midjourney Gallery link has changed.

Before this change, there was a simple 'View as a visitor' button that you could use to find your own Midjourney user profile easily.

Luckily, we have found a great new option for you to find your link!

First of all, let's go to Discord and find a message from you to, for example, the Midjourney Bot.

Then right-click on your Discord username and press the 'Copy User ID' button:

Copying your own Discord User ID

After that, let's go to the legacy Midjourney website (the old version):


Make sure that you're logged in again with your Discord account that is connected to Midjourney:

Signing in to Midjourney via their homepage

After that, here's the URL to visit:

https://legacy.midjourney.com/app/users/[Copied Discord User ID]

Here's an example:


As you can see in your browser, this directly redirects you to a new URL:


Now copy the bold part (the random string of characters) and edit this URL based on that:

https://www.midjourney.com/explore?user_id=[the string from the redirected URL]

Here's an example:


Awesome, right?

Note: If it doesn't load the images directly, you might need to reload the page a few times until they load correctly.

Now simply share that URL with others, and they can see everything you're creating.

Yes, there are fewer options now for visitors to do on your profile, but it's still a great way to share all your created Midjourney images.

Tip: If you want tips on finding all the images you have created with Midjourney, check out our other article here.

What can others do with your Midjourney Gallery profile?

Here's what others can currently do on your Gallery:

  • View your images. They can view all your generated images. However, they can't currently sort the images by any filter. All they can do is scroll down (the images are sorted by newest first).

    Also, keep in mind that they can only see your upscaled images.
Adam's Midjourney Gallery
Example of someone's Midjourney Gallery (Click here to view it)
  • Copying a few things. After they click on an image that they like, they can, for example, copy the full prompt that you used, search related images (via the 'Search Image' button), the Job ID, and download the image.
  • The like reaction. Others can give reactions to your created images. Currently, there's only a like button (a heart), so they can find the images they like on the Explore page here.
Viewing liked images on the Midjourney Explore page
  • Searching through your prompts. They can easily search through your prompts using the 'Search prompts' feature in the top right corner. For example, here's what they get when they type in 'gift':
Using the Search prompts feature in a public profile example

What else can you do with the Midjourney Gallery?

Interested in doing more with the Midjourney Gallery?

For example, did you know that Midjourney has a Community Feed? (A great way to get inspiration for your Midjourney prompts!)

For a more detailed look, check out our complete Midjourney Gallery guide here!

How to find someone else's Midjourney user profile

Now that you know how to share your own profile with someone else, what if you want to find someone else's Midjourney profile link?

For example, what if you saw a few great images on Discord but are unsure how to find the rest of the images that person created?

If you want to learn how to do this, check out our guide to finding someone's Midjourney Gallery here.

How to delete your created Midjourney images

If, after reading this article, you do decide to keep your Midjourney images private, you might be wondering how to remove them.

Fortunately, Midjourney makes it easy to delete images!

If you're interested in learning more, check out our other guide here!

Can you share a Midjourney subscription?

What if you want to share your Midjourney subscription with, for example, your friends?

Can you use the tips in this article to do that — or are there different tips for this?

For more information, check out our other article here!


That's all!

Now you know exactly how to share your Midjourney Gallery with others.

I hope that the other tips, like how to delete your created Midjourney images, also helped you further.

If you have any other questions, don't forget to leave them in the comments below!

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