Always wondered if you can share your Midjourney subscription with other people? (For example, your friends?)

What if you subscribed to the $10 subscription plan but can't finish all the credits by yourself — can you share the subscriptions then?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this!

Quick Answer: Can you share your Midjourney subscription?

No, the Midjourney subscription plan cannot currently be shared with other people. Their pricing plans are designed for individual use only. It's one Midjourney account for one person.

Of course, we will update this article as soon as there's more information available about using Midjourney with multiple users!

Can You Share a Midjourney Subscription With Other People?

Let's go more in-depth now about sharing your Midjourney account:

Sharing your Midjourney subscription: What to know

First of all, there's a trick going around that you can create your own private Discord server - one of the tips to using Midjourney more privately - but that one, unfortunately, doesn't work.

You can bring the Midjourney Bot to your own channel and invite other people to it (all for free).

First step of adding the Midjourney Bot to your Discover server

However, if the other people that you invited to the server don't have an active paid Midjourney subscription (or a free trial), then they won't be able to create images.

There's one more option to think about; sharing your Discord account that has a Midjourney subscription, but we don't recommend it:

Despite the conditions they've listed here, 1. On Discord, seeing as how they've chosen to use this platform as their front-end for the service, likely will not boot you unless you're both logged on at the same time and, 2. Isn't something you agreed to on the Discord, or on the website, seeing as how the subscription page says "intended" and not "strictly limited to."

Wording matters in a contract.


Can you use Midjourney for free?

Unfortunately, Midjourney has stopped giving out free trials to new users.

If you're interested in learning more about this, check out this article here!

That article will also go over ways to save money if you do decide to subscribe to one of the paid Midjourney pricing plans.

What are the best free alternatives to Midjourney?

I know it can be a tough pill to swallow after hearing that Midjourney doesn't allow you to share a subscription and that they stopped giving out free trials for new users.

However, did you know there are multiple free alternatives to Midjourney?

For more information, check out our list of the best free Midjourney alternatives here!


In summary, you cannot share your Midjourney subscription with other people. But don't worry, there are plenty of free alternatives to Midjourney that you can use instead.

We hope this article answered all your questions about sharing a Midjourney subscription.

If not, feel free to leave a comment below!

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