Is your Midjourney job currently stuck?

Or tried removing your image but not sure if the job is completely canceled?

Or maybe you're receiving a 'you have reached the maximum allowed number of concurrent jobs' error message.

If so, this article will help you further!

We will go over how to cancel a job in Midjourney so you don’t have to worry anymore when a job gets stuck.

Quick Answer: How to cancel a Midjourney job

1. Locate the Midjourney Bot message with the job in Discord that you’re looking to cancel.

2. Then activate the 'Cancel Job' app by pressing the 'three dots in a row' icon, hovering over 'Apps', and then you will see 'Cancel Job' — press that.

Let’s go more in-depth now!

How to Cancel a Job in Midjourney (Stuck & Removing Images)

How to cancel a Midjourney job

Sometimes, a job in Midjourney is stuck, but it can also happen that you try to remove an image, but it does not go away.

Here’s one example of that:

Midjourney job still there after adding remove emoji

You might even get this message from the Midjourney Bot if you try to add more jobs while there are a few jobs that are stuck:

You have reached the maximum allowed number of concurrent jobs. Don't worry, this job will start as soon as another one finishes!

So, here’s how to cancel a Midjourney job that seems stuck or can’t seem to be deleted via the normal ways:

  1. Locate the Midjourney Bot message with the job in Discord that you’re looking to cancel. (I will use the example from above)
  2. Copy the prompt just in case you want to re-make it (if you cancel or remove it, the prompt will be gone).
  3. Then activate the ‘Cancel Job’ app like this:
Adding the cancel job app

You can’t even find it in your Midjourney Gallery anymore. It’s like the next option if the ‘❌’ emoji trick doesn’t work!

Awesome, right?

How to cancel a running job on Midjourney

What if you pressed enter on a job and just found that you made a spelling error?

Or see something else that makes it better to cancel the job?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t seem to use this trick if the job is currently running:

Trying to cancel an active job in Midjourney

It will keep saying, ‘Midjourney Bot is thinking…’

Even adding the ❌ emoji doesn’t seem to work.

Meaning: you can’t cancel a running job in Midjourney.

What if the Midjourney job is still stuck?

If the tips above didn’t work for you, then don’t forget to contact Midjourney’s member support by going to this Discord Channel:

Here’s one experience from someone:

I was able to contact a dev in the #member-support thread and he flushed all my jobs! It worked.


What if the original message was deleted?

If the original message was deleted, here's what to do:

  1. Let's go to your Midjourney Gallery by clicking this link here:
  2. When you find the image(s) you’re looking for, let’s copy the Job ID from the image (or image grid) you want to restore by pressing the 'three dots in a row' icon, 'Copy', and then 'Job ID.
Copying the Job ID from your own image
  1. Go back to where you chat with the Midjourney Bot, and type this command:

    /show job_id [Paste the Job ID here]

For more information about this, check out our other article here!

Is it possible to cancel all jobs with Midjourney?

No, there is currently no way to cancel all ongoing Midjourney jobs at once.

You have to cancel the jobs one by one, as explained earlier in this article.

How to start using Midjourney more privately

Now that you know how to cancel your Midjourney jobs, you might be wondering how to use Midjourney more privately.

There are a few great tips that you should know.

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How to find someone else's Midjourney user profile

Here’s a fun one for you; how do you find a specific user on Midjourney?

What if you saw a few great images on Discord but are unsure how to find the rest of the images that person created?

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That's all!

Now you know exactly what to do when your Midjourney job seems to be stuck.

I hope that the other tips, like how to use Midjourney more privately, also helped you further.

If you have any other questions, don't forget to leave them in the comments below!

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