One of the best ways to get inspiration for creating Midjourney images in 2023 – besides using the Community Feed – is to scroll through Midjourney's Discord channels.

But what if you saw a few great images on Discord but are unsure how to find the rest of the images that person created?

In this article, you will learn how to find a Midjourney Gallery (their Midjourney user profile) from someone by using their Discord User ID or the filename from the generated Midjourney image.

Quick Answer: How to find a Midjourney user profile

1. The best way to find someone's Midjourney user profile is by copying their Discord User ID (make sure Developers Mode is enabled). Simply right-click someone's name, and press ‘Copy User ID'. Then edit this URL here based on that:[add their Discord User ID here]

2. If you found a Midjourney-generated image somewhere else, and they didn't change the filename, you can right-click on the image and press ‘Copy image address'. Copy the Job ID (which is the string of random numbers and letters). Then edit this URL here based on that:[add the Job ID here]

Let's go more in-depth now for more information about these tips!

How to Find a Midjourney User (Via Discord ID & Filename)

How to find a Midjourney user profile from a Discord ID

Let's start with the one you're most likely going to use; finding someone's profile by using their Discord User ID.

Here's how to do a Midjourney user search by finding someone's Discord ID:

  1. Let's start by activating Developers Mode. Go to ‘User Settings' -> ‘Advanced Settings', and turn on ‘Developers Mode'.
Finding User Settings inside Discord
Activating Developers Mode inside Discord
  1. Now it's time to find the user in one of Midjourney's Discord channels (any Discord server works too). Right-click their profile name, and then click Copy User ID:
How to copy a Discord User ID via a Midjourney channel
  1. Now edit this URL based on that — just make sure you're logged in:[add their Discord User ID here]

  2. Congratulations! You now found someone's Midjourney Gallery via their Discord User ID:
Finding a Midjourney user profile via Discord example
Find this Midjourney Gallery here

Below you will learn a bit more about what you can do with someone else's Midjourney Gallery, but let's first go over finding someone's user profile by using a filename:

How to find a Midjourney user profile from a filename

If you found a Midjourney-generated image somewhere, you still have a small chance of finding their Midjourney Gallery to find out what prompt they used to create that image.

Here's how to find someone on Midjourney with only a filename:

  1. Right-click on the image, and press ‘Copy image address' (you can also save the image on your computer first, but this is faster) – here's an example of what you can get then:
Right clicking on an image to get the Midjourney Job ID
  1. It is broken down like this: [Discord Username][Prompt][Job ID][File Extension]
  2. Now copy the Job ID (which is the string of random numbers and letters). In this example, it's this:

  3. Now edit this URL based on that – just make sure again that you're logged in:[add the Job ID here]

Screenshot of the final result when copying a filename with a Job ID
Find this Midjourney Gallery here

Now you have found their Midjourney Gallery, and you can easily copy the prompt that they used to create the image:

Pixar style, an ultra realistic portrait of anthropomorphic zebra, adorable eyes, head, cute, tiny, adorable, cinematic lighting, cute pixar style character, cartoon cute, vivid colours, 8k, simple background, clean ilustration, 3d, unreal engine, HDR, centered, facing forward, looking at camera, simmetrical centered, negative space

To keep in mind: If someone changed the filename before uploading/sharing it somewhere, you wouldn't be able to find their Midjourney Gallery this way.

What is the Midjourney Gallery?

The Midjourney Gallery is basically a profile. It's your little piece of the internet where you can showcase your AI-generated images.

The Midjourney Gallery from Your Dream AI

And yes, as you might know, Midjourney is an open community — this allows others to use and remix your images and prompts.

So by default, your images are publicly viewable and remixable.

For some, this is a tough pill to swallow, and they will do everything that it takes to keep their Midjourney images and profile private.

However, some might see this as an opportunity to either build up a following or simply share their creations with their friends or family! (More about that below)

For more information about the Community Feed, Community Showcase, and what you can do with someone's Midjourney Gallery, check out our in-depth guide here!

How to share your Midjourney Gallery with others

Here's how to share your Midjourney Gallery:

  1. To share your own Midjourney Gallery, simply go to this URL here:
  2. Then press the ‘three dots in a row' icon, which will show the ‘View as a visitor' button.
  3. Now copy the URL you've landed on. This is your Midjourney Gallery profile link.

For more information, check out this guide here!

How to get more inspiration for your Midjourney AI art

Getting inspiration from someone else's Midjourney Gallery is great, but what if I told you that this isn't the only way to get inspiration for your AI-generated images?

There are a few more great ways to get inspiration!

If you're interested, check out our other guide here!


So, there you have it: All the information you need to know to find someone's Midjourney user profile in 2023.

Now that you've learned how to use it, why not go to one of Midjourney's Discord channels to check out some of the amazing artworks made by the community?

You never know what kind of amazing pieces you might find! Have fun exploring.

If you have any questions, let us know by commenting below!

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