Ready to start creating amazing images with Midjourney but not sure how to get inspiration?

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In this article, you will learn the six best ways to get inspiration for your Midjourney prompts, so you can create more images.

I'm sure you will get some amazing inspiration from these sources!

Quick Answer: How to get inspiration for Midjourney images and prompts

1. Midjourney's Community Feed
2. Midjourney's Community Showcase
3. Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more)
4. Midjourney's Discord server
5. Muzli's Midjourney posts on Medium
6. Art showcase websites (DeviantArt, ArtStation, and Behance)

Let's go more in-depth now for more information about these tips and a few more good-to-know things.

6 Ways to Get Inspiration for Midjourney Images & Prompts

1. Midjourney's Community Feed

If you're a paid subscriber to Midjourney, this will probably be the most used tool that you're going to use to get prompt inspiration.

The Community Feed!

The top section in the Midjourney Community Feed

The reason it's so popular is that Midjourney is showing prompts as well, so you can get even more inspiration.

For example, here's the prompt for the second image on the top:

the primordial darkness embodying a greek god, erebus wearing ancient greek glothing, galaxy with solar system as background, [cinematic, soft studio lighting, backlighting, dark background]

Tip: Didn't sign-up yet for a paid pricing plan? Check out our detailed guide here, going over which Midjourney plan fits your needs.

To access it, simply go to this link here:

Now scroll through that, and click on any image that catches your eye to see the prompt that they used for it. Here's how to copy a prompt:

Copy a prompt from someone in the Midjourney Community Feed

And for even more information, you can visit their Midjourney Gallery as well, to see all the images that that person created with Midjourney.

Simply hover over one of the images, and click on their profile name:

How to go to someone's Midjourney Gallery from the Community Feed

Then you will be redirected to their Midjourney Gallery:

Adam's Midjourney Gallery
Find this Midjourney Gallery here

If you're interested now in finding and sharing your own Midjourney Gallery link, check out this guide here.

2. Midjourney's Community Showcase

The top section in the Midjourney Community Showcase

Next up is a smaller but still great one; the Midjourney Community Showcase.

The main difference between the Community Feed and the Community Showcase is that the Community Showcase can be accessed by people not paying for Midjourney, and it has limited features, while the Community Feed is only for paid subscribers and shows you more things like which prompt the user used to create that image.

Here are two links to get you started:

As you can see, the Community Showcase is full of inspiring images with the related prompts that were used to create that image.

However, keep in mind that if you're not a paid Midjourney subscriber, then you can't click on the image and can only see the part of the prompt if the prompt is longer than three sentences:

Half prompt example in the Midjourney Community Showcase

Tip: For more information about the Community Feed, Community Showcase, and the Midjourney Gallery, check out our in-depth guide here!

3. Get inspiration via Social Media

Next up is a fun one; let's go to a few Social Media platforms to get inspiration.

Basically, you can go to any platform that you know, type in something related to Midjourney or AI art, and you will find a bunch of posts or videos!

We will go over a few of the most popular ones below but don't forget that there's more out there. For example, Pinterest and Facebook Groups.

Note: Keep in mind that most people just share their (amazing) AI images, but not all of them will share how they have created them.


Let's start with Twitter, one of the most popular ways to get inspiration (and learn more about AI).

Here are three great examples to get you started:

To find more, simply search for keywords like Midjourney:

Or you can search via hashtags:

As you can see, a lot of people share their tips and tricks here!


The Midjourney Gallery Instagram account

Next up is using Instagram!

Here are two great Instagram profiles to follow:

Another option is to search via hashtags like:

  • #midjourneygallery
  • #midjourney
  • #midjourneyart


Let's continue with Reddit!

One of the main subreddits for Midjourney currently boasts around 800k members. You will find it here:

Here you can scroll through the latest posts, or you can simply go to the top posts of, for example, this month:

This can be a great way to get inspiration for new images to create, and sometimes you will find posts with prompts as well:

TikTok and YouTube

Next up is TikTok and YouTube.

They kinda work the same way; there are a ton of people sharing (in video format) how they made certain images!

For example:

Midjourney 5.2 | 100 artists whose styles make your prompts look different

Here are two links to get you started:

4. Get inspiration via Midjourney's Discord server

Where do most people create images with Midjourney?

On Discord, of course!

Since you can't use Midjourney without Discord, this will be a great place to get inspiration for your next prompting adventure.

Do keep in mind that not everyone is creating images via the official Midjourney Discord server; some people are using Midjourney more privately.

However, there's still plenty of inspiration!

Just go to one of Midjourney's Discord Channels, scroll, and see if you can find anything that piques your interest:

Prompt example inside the Midjourney Discord newbies channel

They also have a few more channels, like the v5-showcase:

Prompt example inside the Midjourney V5 Showcase channel

Note: Keep in mind that you can use the tips to find your own Midjourney images for this as well! For example, you can type a keyword related to what you want to create in the Discord search bar.

Another good-to-know thing is that if you found someone on Discord who is creating amazing-looking images, you can find their Midjourney user profile via these tips here. (Their Midjourney Gallery)

This way, you can get even more inspiration!

5. Muzli's Midjourney posts on Medium

Next up is a small but great tip; go to this link here!

There you will find a bunch of Medium posts with inspiration for your next Midjourney image!

The great thing is that they add both a great image for reference – but also the prompt under the image:

Inspiration for Midjourney via Muzli Medium

6. Get inspiration via art showcase websites

Inspiration for Midjourney via Behance

Last but not least, you can go to one of the art showcase websites that artists use — to see what everyone else is creating.

The only thing to note is that some images that are uploaded here are enhanced using an AI image editor or tools like Photoshop or Blender.

Here are three great websites to get you started:

Tip: Instead of searching only for ‘Midjourney', you can also search for things like ‘AI', generative art', and ‘AI art'.

Keep in mind that it's a bit harder here to get the prompts that people used to create these images, but you can still use them for these things:

  • Get inspiration on what kind of images you want to create.
  • Challenge yourself to create the same kind of image via Midjourney without knowing the prompt.

One extra tip is to use Midjourney's Describe feature.

This command will ask Midjourney's AI to describe the image that you've uploaded (like one of the images from the websites linked above) – this way, it's easier to re-create the image!

For more information about this great feature, check out this article here!

Since you came so far in this article, I want to give you one more pro tip related to this.

If the person who uploaded or shared the image somewhere didn't change the filename, there's a way to find their Midjourney Gallery and copy the prompt that they used to create that image!

Right clicking on an image to get the Midjourney Job ID

Interested in learning how to do that? Check out this article here!

How to delete your created Midjourney images

What if you found a ton of inspiration, been creating a lot of amazing images but are not sure if you want to keep them public for everyone to see?

Fortunately, Midjourney makes it easy to delete images after you have downloaded them!

If you're interested in learning more, check out our other guide here!

Midjourney inspiration: FAQs

Before we close off this article, let’s quickly go over a few key questions that people have when they want to get inspiration for their Midjourney prompts and images.

Who knows, maybe this will answer one of the questions you had as well!

How do you make Midjourney realistic?

One of the best ways to get realistic results from Midjourney is by using lighting and lens descriptions. For example, you can add things like ‘in hyper 4k detail', ‘image is to be photo realistic', ‘photo realistic', and ‘detailed hyperrealism'.

How long should Midjourney prompts be?

Midjourney has a soft maximum of roughly 60 words. Using fewer words increases the likelihood of the image matching your desired outcome. (Here's more information)

Can you get banned from Midjourney?

If you violate the code of conduct, Midjourney reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access at any time. For a list of banned words, check out this article here!


And that's it!

These were the six best ways to get inspiration for images and prompts with Midjourney!

I'm sure you will find one or two (or more) of these tips useful in order to create amazing images.

If you have any questions or know any other great tips to get inspiration, let us know by commenting below.

Good luck with your AI journey!

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