Ready to get started with Midjourney but not sure about certain things with Discord?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know that start creating amazing-looking images with Midjourney on Discord!

How to Use Midjourney on Discord: Top Tips to Get Started

Let's begin!

How to join the Midjourney Discord server

First of all, if you didn't create a Discord account yet, do that first and make sure you're logged in after that. (You can do so by clicking here)

Once you have an account, let's start by joining Midjourney's Discord server — simply click on this link here:

Make sure to press the 'Accept Invite' button:

Accept invite to join Midjourney's Discord server

Now you will have access to their Discord server! If you can't find it in your Discord account after joining, you can click on this link here to go directly to their server:

Now you have a few options:

  1. Start creating images in one of the image generation channels. (More about that below)
Channels where you can start creating images on Discord
  1. Get support via the 'member-support' channel.

Tip: Sometimes, the 'member-support' channel doesn't show up, but you can click on this link to access it.

  1. Get inspiration by scrolling through all the public channels that people use to create images with Midjourney. (You can find more tips on how to get inspiration for Midjourney here)
  2. Check the 'announcements', and 'community-update' channels for Midjourney-related updates.

How to add the Midjourney Bot to your own Discord server

One of the best ways to keep your images and prompt more private is by inviting the Midjourney Bot to your own Discord server.

Another great reason to do this is to stay organized; it's a lot easier to find all your created images this way!

Here's how to invite the Midjourney Bot to your own private Discord server:

  1. Press the 'Add a Server' button in the left side menu bar, and then press 'Create My Own'.
Steps to create your own private Discord server
  1. Then follow the Discord server setup options (like giving the server a name).
  2. After you have your own Discover server (which is private by default), go to one of Midjourney's Discord channels, click on the Midjourney Bot profile (by either clicking on its name or the profile picture), and then press 'Add to Server'.
First step of adding the Midjourney Bot to your Discover server
  1. After that, select the server that you want the Midjourney Bot to join (in case you have multiple, make sure to select the right one), and then press 'Continue'.
Second step of adding the Midjourney Bot to your Discover server
  1. Then, simply press the 'Authorize' button, and you will see that the bot has been added to your server:
Success pop up when adding Midjourney Bot to your own Discord server
  1. Now you can continue using Midjourney the same as before. Simply type /imagine:
Midjourney Bot in your Discord server example

How to work solo with the Midjourney Bot by direct messages

If you don't want to create your own private Discord server (yet), you can also privately message the Midjourney Bot directly.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to one of Midjourney's Discord channels, click on the Midjourney Bot profile (by either clicking on its name or the profile picture), and then type something there (and press enter):
Directly messaging the Midjourney Bot on Discord
  1. Now you can continue using Midjourney the same as before. Simply type /imagine:
Midjourney Bot private message example
Note: You don't need to type hello. It's just an example!

If you're not sure anymore how to find the chat back, you can go to this URL, and there you will find the Midjourney Bot:

How to subscribe to Midjourney

Before we go over how to start creating images with Midjourney, it's important to understand that you can't currently use Midjourney for free.

David explaining on Discord that trials will be disabled

At first, Midjourney offered a free trial with a 25-minute (0.4 hr) Fast GPU time limit for new users. (Which is around 25 images)

After using up all the GPU time, you were required to subscribe to one of the paid plans covered above in order to continue creating images with the tool.

Here's the message that you will get from the Midjourney Bot if you do decide to try the imagine command:

No free Midjourney trial available message

Don't worry, though!

Keep an eye out on their Twitter account; sometimes, they turn their free trials back on:

Tweet from Midjourney stating that free trials are back for a bit

So, which Midjourney pricing plan to pick?

Here's a quick overview of what pricing plan is the best choice currently in 2024:

The best Midjourney pricing plan in 2023 is the Standard Plan ($30 per month) — since it gives access to Relax Mode (unlimited generations at a slower pace).

However, if you're just beginning and are not sure yet how many images you want to create per month, you can start with the Basic Plan ($10).

Furthermore, if you're looking for Stealth Mode or if you're a company that does more than $1,000,000 USD in gross revenue per year, you will need to subscribe to the Pro ($60 per month) or Mega Plan ($120 per month).

But do keep in mind that there are ways to use Midjourney more privately without Stealth Mode.

Pricing plans of Midjourney

For a more detailed look into what each pricing plan contains, check out our Midjourney pricing plans guide here!

How to start creating images with Midjourney

Now that you've joined the public Midjourney Discord server and have subscribed to a paid plan, you're officially ready to start creating images!

For more information on how to get started with creating images, check out these free Midjourney courses here!

Why does Midjourney use Discord in 2024?

According to Midjourney itself, they picked Discord because Discord is a community-focused product.

Furthermore, here's what David Holz told The Verge in an interview:

“A lot of people ask us, why don’t you just make an iOS app that makes you a picture?”

Midjourney’s founder, David Holz, told The Verge in an interview. “But people want to make things together, and if you do that on iOS, you have to make your own social network. And that’s pretty hard. So if you want your own social experience, Discord is really great.”

However, with many things, there are multiple stories; here are a few:

Reddit post on why Midjourney uses Discord

And this one:

Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments below!

Can you use Midjourney without a Discord account?

Unfortunately, as of 2024, Midjourney requires Discord for its operation.

This means that you can only use Midjourney if you have a Discord account.

Furthermore, there's currently no official browser or app version of Midjourney — there's no Midjourney API either.

However, good news! Midjourney is currently actively working on its web version. You can see the first changes already when going to your Midjourney Gallery:

Do you see the 'Imagine... (coming soon)'?

Midjourney web version Imagine coming soon

For more information about this topic, check out our other article here!


Congratulations, you are now an expert on using Midjourney with a Discord account!

This article should provide all the information you might need to start creating amazing-looking images with Midjourney on Discord.

If you have any further questions, please let us know by commenting below!

Lastly, if you have decided after reading this article that Midjourney is not for you, here are some awesome free alternatives!

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