Free Stable Diffusion courses are a great way to learn Stable Diffusion, for… free!

No need to buy an expensive Stable Diffusion course in 2024. I will give you 20 amazing options below that will give you a lot of information about Stable Diffusion for free.

The 19 Best Free Stable Diffusion Courses

This way, you can spend your money on other things instead of learning how to start with Stable Diffusion.

The 20 best free Stable Diffusion courses of 2024

So, are you ready to save some money?

Below you will find 20 great free Stable Diffusion courses. There will be a lot of different options, like YouTube and Udemy.

I hope this way I can open your eyes so you can see that there are a lot of options to learn Stable Diffusion for free!


Here's how to learn about Stable Diffusion for free!

Stability AI's Documentation

Overview of the documentation from Stability AI

Let's start by learning more about Stable Diffusion for free by looking at Stability AI's documentation!

Yes, it's not an in-depth course like the other examples on this list, but it's still a great place to start.

And yes, it's technical, but I still wanted to mention it in case you're interested in that.

I mean, who knows Stable Diffusion better than Stability AI themselves, right?

Practical Deep Learning for Coders

If you are looking for a guide that starts at the ground floor and takes you to the cutting edge of research, this is the book for you. Don’t let those PhDs have all the fun—you too can use deep learning to solve practical problems.

Hal Varian, Emeritus Professor, UC Berkeley; Chief Economist, Google
Practical Deep Learning for Coders

Here's an interesting one if you're interested in learning how to apply deep learning and machine learning to practical problems.

However, keep in mind that you do need some coding experience.

The best part is that they created a second part, which contains over 30 hours of video content, where they implement the Stable Diffusion algorithm from scratch!

The great thing is that Tanishq Mathew Abraham, from Stability AI, has helped teach a number of those lessons!

Making Art with Stable Diffusion by Chester Sky

Making Art with Stable Diffusion via Alison

Let's continue with the completely free course from Chester Sky called Making Art with Stable Diffusion.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Identify the processes to generate art in different styles using AI.
  • Discuss the process of customizing images with text prompts and variations.
  • Recognize the processes of Inpainting and Outpainting in AI art creation.
  • Explain the method to create infinite zoom animations.
  • Discuss creating videos using AI images in Stable Diffusion.
  • Apply Post-production effects to improve AI videos.
  • Identify how Stable Diffusion can be used inside of Photoshop.

You can even earn an official certification:

Getting a Certification for the course

Awesome, right?

7 Best free YouTube Stable Diffusion courses

Some great information about Stable Diffusion is on YouTube for free!

Below you will find some great videos that you can start watching today.

The best thing is that AI-related courses are not being sold that often yet, so you will feel less like you're being sold to (it can feel different in other niches).

Setting up Stable Diffusion

The main thing that makes Stable Diffusion different than other AI tools, like Midjourney, is the setup progress.

So let's go over a few great videos first that will help with that:

Install Stable Diffusion Locally by Matt Wolfe

Finally a tutorial that is simple, clear, and straightforward in explaining step-by-step on how to get stable diffusion locally. Thank you!

Install Stable Diffusion Locally (Quick Setup Guide)

In this video, you will learn how to install Stable Diffusion locally on your computer as well as how to run a cloud install if your computer isn't quite up to par to run Stable Diffusion.

How to Install Stable Diffusion - automatic1111 by Sebastian Kamph

After watching your guide I realized that I finished all the other guides - you explain so amazingly and slowly and clearly - many thanks

How to Install Stable Diffusion - automatic1111

In this video, you will learn how to install Stable Diffusion using automatic1111.

Stable Diffusion basics

Let's continue with the best videos that will help you with the basics; most of these will be complete beginner's guides!

Stable Diffusion Crash Course for Beginners by freeCodeCamp

This course shows how to use the diffusion models, it doesn't have anything about the model building. This is a good course for anyone who wants to know about stable diffusion

Stable Diffusion Crash Course for Beginners

Here you will learn how to use Stable Diffusion to create art and images.

You will learn how to train your own model, how to use Control Net, how to use Stable Diffusion's API endpoint, and more!

Stable Diffusion-Master AI Art by ChamferZone

This is the most complete and easy guide i have found. Really compliments! Very clear in everything!

Stable Diffusion-Master AI Art: Installation, Prompts, txt2img-img2img, out/inpaint &Resize Tutorial

Here you will learn how to generate beautiful AI Art based on prompt and image input.

From download to installation to learning all the important tools and exploring different use cases!

Stable Diffusion prompting

What do you think is one of the most important things to learn when using Stable Diffusion?


You will need to learn how to speak to Stable Diffusion to get the image that you want.

Here are a few great videos that will help you further:

Stable diffusion prompt tutorial by Sebastian Kamph

As an artist, this is the reason I like Stable more than other ai like Midjourney and DALL-E. It might take time, but if your an artist that knows a lot of art terms, the results could be beautiful from Stable

Stable diffusion prompt tutorial. NEW PROMPT BOOK released!

In this Stable diffusion tutorial, he will look at OpenArt's newly released prompt book where they put together tips and tricks of prompting.

You can find the prompt book here!

Stop Struggling with AI Art Prompts by Not4Talent

Outstanding quality for a new channel, easy to follow, straight on point and answering exactly the questions a viewer has at certain points in the video. Keep this going and you will build a successful channel!

Stop STRUGGLING with AI Art Prompts | Basics to Advanced masterclass

Here you will learn how to prompt for Stable Diffusion AI art, with some secret and advanced techniques!

Stable Diffusion Prompt Guide by Nerdy Rodent

This is absolutely brilliant! I'm working on incorporating some of this stuff into my animations, and having these takes so much time off of my experimentation. Thank you!

Stable Diffusion Prompt Guide

Not really sure what words to use with Stable Diffusion?

This guide will help you find out which words work best for you — and which words don't work at all!

Free Udemy Stable Diffusion courses

Overview of free Stable Diffusion courses on Udemy

Another great place to find (free) Stable Diffusion courses is Udemy.

You can search for Stable Diffusion (or anything else you want to learn, like Midjourney) and sort the price on Free!

Personally, I think the paid courses are better on Udemy than the free courses, but this article is about free Stable Diffusion courses!

But still, the paid ones are mostly between $10 and $15!

You will also see that there are more paid Udemy courses on Udemy than free courses. For example:

Quick note: Yes, there aren't that many free courses available yet, but don't forget that sometimes you only need one or two good free courses, no need to collect them all!

Free Udemy Stable Diffusion course examples

Here are four great free examples that I found on Udemy about Stable Diffusion:

Best Skillshare Stable Diffusion courses

Stable Diffusion courses on Skillshare

Another great place to find Stable Diffusion courses is Skillshare.

There are currently 10 Stable Diffusion-related courses there, and just like Udemy, you can search for other topics that you want to learn as well!

The only downside is that Skillshare does offer a free trial, but it isn’t free forever.

However, they do currently offer a free month trial, which is more than enough time to complete a few of these courses!

Skillshare Stable Diffusion course examples

Here are the three great examples that I found on Skillshare about Stable Diffusion:

Generative AI courses by Google Cloud

free Generative AI course by Google Cloud

Ready to learn more about generative AI?

With these free courses from Google Cloud, you will learn a ton for free.

And, if you're interested, they also have free courses on other topics here!

Awesome, right?

Free courses: DeepLearning.AI

Courses on DeepLearning AI

Next up are the great free courses from DeepLearning.AI.

They have both short courses and longer courses. Their short courses help you learn new skills, tools, and concepts efficiently.

Keep in mind that the short courses are available for free for a limited time only!

They currently don't have a specific Stable Diffusion course, but they do have a 'How Diffusion Models Work' course here.

Artificial Intelligence courses by LinkedIn Learning

Artificial Intelligence-related courses on LinkedIn Learning

Here's one more great tip: check out the artificial intelligence courses on LinkedIn Learning!

They even have a few Stable Diffusion-related courses, which you can find here.

The only thing to keep in mind is that LinkedIn Learning doesn't offer any free courses.

However, they do currently offer a free month trial (like Skillshare), so you can use that month to watch as many courses as you want — for free!

Other free courses to learn more online

If that wasn't enough, we have a few more lists of free AI-related courses!

Check them out by clicking one (or more) of the links below:

And for more ways to learn AI-related topics for free, check out our learn for free hub here!


That's all!

Those were 20 amazing Stable Diffusion courses that you can learn from for free.

I hope you now see that there is a lot of information about Stable Diffusion, and AI in general, available on the internet for free.

If you have any other free Stable Diffusion courses for this list, or if you have any questions regarding Stable Diffusion, then don't forget to leave your comment below!

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