Free Google Bard courses are a great way to learn Google Bard, for… free!

No need to buy an expensive Google Bard course in 2024. I will give you 12 amazing options below that will give you a lot of information about Google Bard for free.

The 10 Best Free Google Bard Courses

This way, you can spend your money on other things instead of learning how to start with Google Bard.

The 12 best free Google Bard courses of 2024

So, are you ready to save some money?

Below you will find 12 great free Google Bard courses. There will be a lot of different options, like YouTube and Udemy.

I hope this way I can open your eyes so you can see that there are a lot of options to learn Google Bard for free!


Here's how to learn about Google Bard for free!

An overview of Bard by Google

An overview of Bard by Google

Let's start by learning more about Google Bard for free by looking at Google's overview of Bard. (It's a PDF file)

Yes, it's not an in-depth course like the other examples on this list, but it's still a great place to start.

I mean, who knows Google Bard better than Google themselves, right?

And you can check out their Google Bard-related articles here.

3 Best free YouTube Google Bard courses

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of info yet about Google Bard on YouTube, but we will update this article as soon as there are more great free courses there!

We did find these three great videos:

The CORRECT way to use Google Bard by Jeff Su

Hands down the best video I've ever watched on how to use Google Bard. Thanks Jeff!

The CORRECT way to use Google Gemini - Updated for 2024!

Dive into the world of Google Bard with this full tutorial!

In this video, he shows the best settings, features, and hidden gems to help you get more done in less time with this extremely powerful (and free) generative AI tool.

Google Bard - Complete Beginners Guide by AppFind

This video gave me a great overview of Bard AI and its capabilities. I'm excited to try it out for myself!

Google Bard - Complete Beginners Guide

This in-depth Google Bard beginners guide covers prompt examples, demonstrates how you can use follow-up questions, get help on everyday tasks from Google Bard, and more!

10 Secret Bard Tips And Tricks by TheAIGRID

I have used Bard a little bit & I think it is excellent and has heaps of potential.

10 Secret Bard Tips And Tricks (How To Use Google Bard)(Google Bard Tutorial)

This video goes over ten great tips when using Google Bard!

Free Udemy Google Bard courses

Overview of free Google Bard courses on Udemy

Another great place to find (free) Google Bard courses is Udemy.

You can search for Google Bard (or anything else you want to learn, like ChatGPT) and sort the price on Free!

Personally, I think the paid courses are better on Udemy than the free courses, but this article is about free Google Bard courses!

But still, the paid ones are mostly between $10 and $15!

You will also see that there are more paid Udemy courses on Udemy than free courses. For example:

Quick note: Yes, there aren't that many free courses available yet, but don't forget that sometimes you only need one or two good free courses; no need to collect them all!

Free Udemy Google Bard course examples

Here are two great free examples that I found on Udemy about Google Bard:

Best Skillshare Google Bard courses

Google Bard courses on Skillshare

Another great place to find Google Bard courses is Skillshare.

There are currently 9 Google Bard-related courses there, and just like Udemy, you can search for other topics that you want to learn as well!

The only downside is that Skillshare does offer a free trial, but it isn’t free forever.

However, they do currently offer a free month trial, which is more than enough time to complete a few of these courses!

Skillshare Google Bard course examples

Here are three great examples that I found on Skillshare about Google Bard:

Generative AI courses by Google Cloud

free Generative AI course by Google Cloud

Ready to learn more about generative AI in general?

With these free courses from Google Cloud, you will learn a ton for free.

And, if you're interested, they also have free courses on other topics here!

Awesome, right?

Free courses: DeepLearning.AI

Courses on DeepLearning AI

Next up are the great free courses from DeepLearning.AI.

They have both short courses and longer courses. Their short courses help you learn new skills, tools, and concepts efficiently.

Keep in mind that the short courses are available for free for a limited time only!

They currently don't have a specific course for Google Bard, but you will surely learn something new.

Artificial Intelligence courses by LinkedIn Learning

Artificial Intelligence-related courses on LinkedIn Learning

Here's one more great tip: check out the artificial intelligence courses on LinkedIn Learning!

They even have a few Google Bard-related courses, which you can find here.

The only thing to keep in mind is that LinkedIn Learning doesn't offer any free courses.

However, they do currently offer a free month trial (like Skillshare), so you can use that month to watch as many courses as you want — for free!

Other free courses to learn more online

If that wasn't enough, we have a few more lists of free AI-related courses!

Check them out by clicking one (or more) of the links below:

And for more ways to learn AI-related topics for free, check out our learn for free hub here!


That's all!

Those were 12 amazing Google Bard courses that you can learn from for free.

I hope you now see that there is a lot of information about Google Bard, and AI in general, available on the internet for free.

If you have any other free Google Bard courses for this list, or if you have any questions regarding Google Bard, then don't forget to leave your comment below!

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