Always wanted to create a puzzle book but never seemed to push through on your goals?

Well, in 2024, there's AI now that can help you!

In this article, we will showcase four great AI-generated puzzle book examples that will get you inspired.

4 Best AI-Generated Puzzle Book Examples (Get Inspiration)

Let's dive in:

The 4 best AI-generated puzzle books to check out today

Ready to see what's currently possible with AI in the book world?

Below you will find all the examples that we collected so far, and if we know how they made the book, we will share that with you!

For now, we haven't found many AI-generated puzzle book examples, but we will update the article when we find more. (And you can always contact us if you find any!)

Important reminder: If you use AI to create puzzle books that you want to sell, meticulously review and refine each page to ensure quality and appropriateness.

Don't be like some who may exploit AI-generated content for profit. Dedicate yourself to maintaining high standards and offering unique, thoughtfully curated themes.

1. Emoji Puzzles by Adam Tal

Emoji puzzle AI-generated book

Let's start with a puzzle called Emoji Puzzles. It's fully created with GPT-4! (You can check it out here on Amazon)

A lot of people in the reviews love the fact that it's created by AI. For example, here's what one reviewer had to say about it:

This is a really cool puzzle book. I love how it was made using chatGPT, too. Well thought out and makes a great coffee table book for the whole family. Hope there's a 2nd edition on the way!

How did they make this AI book?

Here's a great Reddit post from the creator to learn more.

He even added the prompt that he used!

2. Sumplete by Daniel Tait

Sumplete AI-generated puzzle book

Next up is another game invented by ChatGPT, called Sumplete. (You can check it out here on Amazon)

How did they make this AI book?

Here's a great description from the creator on how ChatGPT came up with the game.

For example:

Example of asking ChatGPT for a puzzle game

3. Dot to dot puzzle book

How To Create Dot to Dot Books FAST With Midjourney & Book Bolt

The next two examples are from DannyonDemand. In this video, he will go over how to create a dot to dot puzzle book with AI.

And yes, he has included an example!

How did they make this AI book?

Check out the video to learn more!

4. Spot the difference book

How To Create Spot The Difference Books FAST With Midjourney & Canva AI

Here's one about AI-generated spot the difference books.

And yes, just like with the first one, he has included an example to follow along!

How did they make this AI book?

Check out the video to learn more!

Other AI-generated books for inspiration

If that wasn't enough, we have a few more lists with AI-generated books!

Check them out by clicking one (or more) of the links below:

FAQs about AI-generated puzzle books

Before we close off this article, let’s quickly go over a few key questions that people have when they start researching AI-generated puzzle books.

Who knows, maybe this will answer one of the questions you had as well!

Can you sell an AI-generated puzzle book?

Yes, you can sell a puzzle book that you generated using AI. For example, you can sell it on Amazon Kindle as long as they meet Amazon's guidelines.

How to create an AI-generated puzzle book yourself

To get started with creating an AI-generated puzzle book, check out this great video from DannyOnDemand.

Can AI-generated books become a problem?

Yes, as you can read here if your book is just nonsense, your reviews will not be good. Plus, don't make stuff up like these fake travel guides.


That's all!

I hope that gave you some inspiration to get started on your own puzzle book and helped you see how far AI has come in 2024.

If you found any other great AI-generated puzzle books, don't forget to share them with the rest of us in the comments below!

Want to see more examples?

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