Have you always wanted to become a children's book writer but never seemed to push through on your goals?

Well, in 2024, there's AI now that can help you!

In this article, we will showcase nine great AI-generated children's book examples that will get you inspired.

9 Best AI-Generated Children’s Book Examples

Let's get started!

The 9 best AI-generated children's books to check out today

Ready to see what's currently possible with AI in the book world?

Below, you will find all the examples that we collected so far, and if we know how they made the children's book, we will share that with you!

One more thing you will learn from these examples is a lot about the current AI debate. You can find a lot of comments with arguments from both sides.

Important reminder: The following examples and content provided in this article are solely generated by an artificial intelligence (AI) system for entertainment purposes.

The intention of this article is to showcase the capabilities of AI technology and to provide amusement and inspiration. It is not intended to offend or hurt anyone.

1. Alice and Sparkle by Ammaar Reshi

Alice and Sparkle

Let's start with the most famous AI-generated children's book, Ammaar Reshi's Alice and Sparkle.

The story is so famous that he has even received death threats from people.

You can view the book here on Amazon.

How did they make this AI book?

In this great Twitter thread, you will learn how he created this book.

Plus, don't forget to check out the comments; it has a lot of interesting points from both viewpoints (AI debate):

2. Who is my mom?

Who is my mom?

Next up is a children's book called 'Who is my mom?'.

It took San Cho, the author, 2 weeks, tons of generations, and prompt variations.

You can view the book here on Amazon.

How did they make this AI book?

The creator wrote a great post here on Reddit with a few tips!

For example:

How do you get the same characters in different angles? Is it possible for you to tell Midjourny to save a created character?

1) "Unique name" - you come up with some unique character name + tagline, you generate at least 4-5 images with the same look, upscale them and rank with :LOVE: emoji.

After that MJ for some reason generates the same character, but don't forget to use 'unique character name + tagline' in every prompt and in the same order.

2) You mix some celebrities' facial parts - just 'mix of Emma Watson, Salma Hayek', etc, or 'eyes of Keanu Reaves, cheekbones of Brat Pitt', and just re-roll until you get the same character.

3) "Puppet master" - difficult to explain, just search it and you find the whole algo.

3. Say yes to doing by Ray Wang

Say yes to doing

Next up is an AI-generated children's book by Ray Wang. (You can check it out here on Amazon)

Here's a great Reddit post about it with, again, a great discussion about AI.

How did they make this AI book?

The creator wrote a great post here on Medium with a few tips and prompts!

4. Saviors of the forest

Next is an AI-generated children's book created by someone for his 3-year-old.

You can learn more about it in this Reddit post here!

How did they make this AI book?

Here's how they created this book:

  • Layout is done in InDesign
  • Images generated with Midjourney
  • The story is generated with ChatGPT. For example, he asked ChatGPT to suggest some artists that would suit the story well
  • The book was printed with CEWE

Prompts used:

All prompts ended with "in the style of Brian Floca, David Wiesner and Eric Carle" to get a similar style

5. Molly's favourite animals by Bear Liu

Bear Liu's AI-generated book

Next up is the children's book from Bear Liu, created with Midjourney in just 2 hours.

How did they make this AI book?

Here's a great Reddit post with more information from the creator.

For example, he answered a few questions, like:

How to keep the same character

It's a trick with different ways to solve it.

First, I chose the theme of the children's book for a reason. The tolerate level of character is higher in this type (compared to graphic novels or other storytelling formats)

Second, using the seed for variation images as an 'anchor'.

Third, iteration is the key!

How to keep the same style

Just add the style description in the prompts!

How to design the layout

I used Figma for the layout design, just because it's the tool I use on my day job every day.

You can use Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop for this, or other graphic design tools you are familiar with.

6. Children's coloring book by Promptlib

Mini stories and coloring book example from promptlib

Let's continue this list with something else; a children's coloring book from Promptlib!

You can see and learn more about this coloring book on this page here. (They go over how they created this book)

Also, the creator made a Reddit post with more information, which you can find here.

How did they make this AI book?

Here is how they created this book:

Prompts used:

A cheerful, flat coloring page for a children's book, the scene is [INSERT SCENE]

a production ready flat coloring black and white drawing of a [SUBJECT], inspired by Leo Leuppi, reddit, sōsaku hanga, kawaii chibi, field journal line art, children's illustration, flat coloring

Commercial Coloring page for kids book [INSERT SCENE]

7. The Adventures of Margo the Cat


Let's continue with 'The Adventures of Margo the Cat'!

Someone had a vague idea for a children's book story about a stray cat in this ancient Buddhist temple in South Korea called Unjusa that dates back to the 11th century for a while.

This year, they decided to finally write it down after all!

How did they make this AI book?

The creator wrote a great post here on Reddit with some things that he learned from this journey.

8. Max the lonely dog

A short childrens book completely written by and illustrated by AI

Next up is something different than the other examples in this list; someone made a video of his AI-generated children's book. (You can watch it above)

You can learn more here in this great Reddit post from the creator.

How did they make this AI book?

Here is how they created this book:

  • He created the book with ChatGPT and Midjourney.
  • ChatGPT provided a Dr. Seuss-style story about "Sam I am" which was altered to a tale about a dog named Max and a turtle, following a request for protagonist change.
  • Midjourney's limitations emerged when it couldn't maintain consistent character styles across multiple images.
  • He attempted to use reference images for character consistency but faced challenges with maintaining the same stylization, size, and proportions between a dog and a turtle in scenes.
  • Consequently, he revised the story to focus solely on a lonely dog due to difficulties integrating both characters consistently.
  • Despite challenges, he completed the book entirely through AI creation within around 4 hours, including learning and experimentation time.

For more information, don't forget to check out his great Reddit post here.

9. Tim’s First Day of School by Sam Solomon

Tim’s First Day of School

Let's finish this list with someone who created an article about his children's story.

Tim’s First Day of School was generated in an afternoon with the help of AI!

His intention is to show what AI can accomplish today and give a peek at what might be possible tomorrow.

You can read it here.

How did they make this AI book?

For more information on how Sam created this story, check out his article here!

Simply scroll down to the 'Creating a children’s story with ChatGPT' part of the article.

Other AI-generated books for inspiration

If that wasn't enough, we have a few more lists with AI-generated books!

Check them out by clicking one (or more) of the links below:

FAQs about AI-generated children's books

Before we close off this article, let’s quickly go over a few key questions that people have when they start researching AI-generated children's books.

Who knows, maybe this will answer one of the questions you had as well!

Can you sell an AI-generated children's book?

Yes, you can sell a children's book that you generated using AI. For example, you can sell it on Amazon Kindle as long as they meet Amazon's guidelines.

Can AI-generated books become a problem?

Yes, as you can read here if your book is just nonsense, your reviews will not be good. Plus, don't make stuff up like these fake travel guides.

How to create an AI-generated book yourself

To get started with creating an AI-generated book, check out this great video from eLibrary1.


That's all!

I hope that gave you some inspiration to get started on your own children's book and helped you see how far AI has come in 2024.

If you found any other great AI-generated children's books, don't forget to share them with the rest of us in the comments below!

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